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Eyelash Extension Aftercare

You just received your fresh, full-set of eyelash extensions and you look amazing! You look in the mirror and say to yourself "how do I keep these on"? The key for long lasting eyelash extensions is good aftercare at home!

Step 1. Aftercare immediately after your appointment

After your appointment, basic makeup application and normal lifestyle routine can resume. To facilitate a more flexible, longer-lasting bond and to minimize potential irritation or adverse reactions, you will be asked to avoid the following activities within the first 3 hours:

  1. Avoid exposure to excessive steam or water - for example: showers, bathes, facial steamers or saunas.

  2. Avoid exposure to excessive heat - for example: sun bathing, grilling and blow dryers

  3. Avoid spray or airbrush tanning.

  4. Avoid wearing or inserting contact lenses. Your contact lens solution may get on your lashes.

  5. Avoid using cosmetics and skincare products that may come in contact with your extended lashes. Most are oil bases and oil will ruin the adhesive bond with your lashes.

Step 2. Daily aftercare procedures

When it comes to daily or continuous aftercare for longer lasting eyelash extensions, your strategy is simple: be mindful of what you put near or on your lashes.

  1. Avoid using waterproof cosmetics (i.e. mascara or eyeliner) on or near your eyelashes. These products are not easy to take off and in doing so, you may take your lashes off as well.

  2. Avoid using mechanical or heated eyelash curlers. You will melt your extensions!

  3. Avoid excessive mascara application.

  4. Avoid excessive exposure to friction, excessive rubbing of eyes, and picking/pulling on extended eyelashes. If you pull hard enough - they will come off and most likely your natural lash with them!

  5. Avoid chemical eyelash treatments such as eyelash tinting or perming.

  6. Avoid using oil based skincare products that may come in contact with your extended lashes. Oil + Lash Adhesive = Lash Removal

  7. If your eyes are watering from allergies or crying, wash your lashes immediately. The salt in your tears will break down the adhesive.

  8. Clean your lash extensions daily! Excess oil, dirt, and makeup can build-up on your lashes and effect the adhesive.

  9. Brush your lashes everyday! Not only will this keep them looking beautiful, it will also keep them in place and allow your natural lashes to grow. If they are tangled it will cause stress on your natural lash and cause the lash to shed early.

Just FYI - Other aftercare considerations

To prevent damage to your eyelash extensions, care should be taken when receiving any of the following facial procedures:

  1. Strong chemical peels or skin resurfacing procedures that come in direct contact with the eye area.

  2. Facial treatments and facial massages that include direct contact with the eye area and extended eyelashes.

Always inform providers that you are wearing eyelash extensions before any facial procedure begins.

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